Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An Ode to NPR

An incredible Summer Storm is happening outside my window, and because summer storms live on my short list of favorite things, I thought it the perfect occasion to write my debut blog.

And with the completion of that thought, the sky has cleared—brevity being one of the best characteristics of summer storms.  Nevertheless, I’m still in the mood to write what is sure to be a little love note to National Public Radio.

Since my recent move to the Upper West Side, I have listened to endless hours of NPR.  Without TV and with rather loud chatter in my head, I’ve come to appreciate and rely on the regular programming that streams from the speakers every time I tune in.  I engage immediately.  The voices are diverse and knowledgeable, the storytelling finessed.  But I think what tops the list of reasons I am quickly becoming a devoted “NPR listener” is that over the last two weeks, my worldviews have been in constant transition. 

Usually, this is not something I’d rave about.  I like to know what I know.  For me, uncertainty is uncomfortable.  But this is different.  NPR delivers news through conversation, and I can’t help but listen to all sides.  I’ve noticed my thinking is more fluid, with room enough for perspectives I never before considered.  I find myself questioning some part of a segment days after it aired.  This new mode of receiving information is surprisingly liberating.  It is also reminiscent of college—before I felt the need to be so defined about…well, everything. 

So here’s to NPR, for being great company, and only costing me what I can afford to lose—a little certainty.  Happy listening!

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